Who are we?


of the (really) connected laundry in France

30 years old

experience in laundromats

in Europe

WASHiN is today the leader in the creation, management and operation of (truly) connected laundries in Europe.

With hundreds of installations present in collective accommodation structures, the company has reinvented itself and innovated in order to stay in the time zone.

Little by little, she succeeded in develop a "Premium" laundry operation serviceallowing its BtoB customers to focus more on their business, without worrying about their laundry.

Better than a laundromat, it is a connected, ecological, citizen and responsible laundry that WASHiN offers you.

En chiffres

1 st

laundry solution
(really) connected in Europe

1 years

experience in 

1 tons

of treated linen 
since 2019

1 Liters

of ECOCERT® injected detergent 
in our machines since 2019


orders placed
with WASHiN

A team on a human scale
for you...

  • Direct contact and privileged with WASHiN
  • Each customer is a real WASHiN partner and not just a number.
WASHiN Team / Exploitant de laverie

of innovation

3rd version of the application
with new features every month!

Connected terminal
(McDonald's™ type) for payment in laundry.

Design and customization of the laundry.

Professional machines and dryers
of the latest generation

Connected Lockers that allow your customers to drop off their laundry.

of detergents and accessories

Respect for the environment and people

Use of Ecocert® detergent meeting the criteria of natural raw materials not derived from petrochemicals.

Reduced carbon footprint
Partnership with "Greenly", implementation of a "B CORP" approach and creation of a CSR policy. 

Cardboard laundry baskets
100% recycled and 100% recyclable.

Latest generation equipment
intelligent and less energy consuming.

I want to create a
new laundry

I want to change

Nos différents moyens de paiements

Ouvrir une laverie


WASHiN s’occupe de tout pour vous

  • Installation rapide en moins d’une demi-journée et maintenance gérée à 100% par nos techniciens  toutes les semaines
  • Une application mais pas que : paiement en ligne,  sans contact, avec montre ou bracelet connecté, ainsi que sur notre borne WASHiN (type Mcdonald’s™)
  • Personnalisation : WASHiN personnalise votre laverie en allant toujours plus loin qu’un simple habillage. Chez nous, des kits déco à votre disposition, prêts à être déployés.

Une facilité d’utilisation

  • A intuitive and simple application of use.
  • A possibility of reserve its machines and dryers in advance.
  • A diversity of offers (7 washing programs, 8 drying programs). 
  • A laundry economy : inutile de fournir la lessive, une dose est automatiquement injectée.
  • A serenity: a notification will alert your customers to the end of their cycle (it is even possible to visualize the state of the machine during its cycle).

Accompaniment 100% of the file

    Nous gérons toute la gestion de la création de la laverie.
    Nous réalisons tous les plans avec l’ensemble des prérequis techniques (alimentations,  eau, électricité,  extraction d’air).
    We accompany you in the layout and design of your laundry space.
    Installation of the equipment in less than half a day.

100% maintenance and after sales service

    Remontées automatiques des pannes et du niveau  de la lessive (pour réassort).
    Strong, ergonomic and high capacity machines.
  • WASHiN after-sales service available 7 days a week:  
    A maintenance service available every day. 
    Grâce à nos équipes techniques répartis dans toute la France, nous pouvons intervenir dans un délai de 30mn à 48h en moyenne.


Direct access to figures and data of your laundry, for a total autonomy in the invoicing of your royalties.

100% secure autonomous service, managed via a dedicated application and a personalized dashboard accessible 24 hours a day, tracking information, traceability and performance reports. Find all the information you need: turnover, interventions, security tests, exchanges with the team...

Become eco-responsible

An ECOCERT® detergent

  • Une lessive Écocert® 3 en 1 :
    (nettoie, parfume et adoucie votre linge) injectée automatiquement dans nos machines à laver.
  • Intelligent detergent dosing:
    Nos machines intelligentes pèse le linge déposé et adapte la quantité de lessive injectée.  
  • A clean laundry :
    Fini les traces de lessive et les bidons dans la laverie !
RGPS WASHiN / Données sécurisées
Sécurité WASHIN

Data protection, a priority!

Chez WASHiN, les données sont protégées en France et dans la capitale de l'Union Européenne (Bruxelles) et ne sont pas utilisées à des fins commerciales !

Our personalized offer

Integration on your own application

  • You have an internal application to manage your residence, your camping, other ... ?
  • Nous pouvons intégrer notre application à la votre ! C’est simple et rapide ! 

    Our references :
    – Nexudus : software for managing co-working and co-living spaces...
    – ECLA : application allowing the accounting and administrative management.
    – MonBuilding : application that allows you to access all the services in your building.
    – Yelloh Village : application dedicated to the management of campsites.

Une offre sur mesure

Une diversité de moyens de paiement :

  • 100% dematerialization more cash management, payment by CB and Lydia: less vandalism and breakdowns, fluidity of the laundry and increase in turnover of +30% on average

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