We create your laundry

The steps to create your new laundry

You are a manager of a collective accommodation structure and you wish to open a new laundry?

Make an appointment with one of our sales representatives and discover our (truly) connected laundry management and operation offers.

Price : 0$

Following the first interview, our sales and technical teams study your needs in order to personalize our offer.

Price : 0$

A 2D and 3D plan of the future laundry with the necessary expectations will be established by our architectural teams.

Price : 0$

Contrat signé WASHiN / Création d'une laverie

Signature of the agreement and beginning of the partnership.

Price : 0$

100% management by our technical teams of the relationship (customers, service providers and contractors) and of the works (pre-visit of the site, purchase of washing machines and dryers and installation of the laundry).

Price : 0$

Verification of the conformity of the work and the safety of the devices supplied.

Price : 0$

Opening of the laundry to your customers and 100% maintenance of the machines. WASHiN also provides you with a certificate of insurance per laundry.

Price : 0$

The benefits for you !

A WIN-WIN business model

Automated payment of your retrocession.

Interface en ligne WASHiN

Accompaniment 100% of the file

    Management of the entire creation of the laundry.
    We make all the plans with all the technical requirements (supplies, water, electricity, air extraction).
    We accompany you in the layout and design of your laundry space.
    Installation des appareils en moins d’une demi-journée.

100% maintenance and after sales service

    Automatic feedback of breakdowns and detergent levels (for restocking).
    Strong, ergonomic and high capacity machines.
  • WASHiN after-sales service available 7 days a week:  
    A maintenance service available every day. 
    Thanks to our technical teams located throughout France, we intervene within 30mn to 48h on average.


Direct access to figures and data of your laundry, for a total autonomy in the invoicing of your royalties.

100% secure autonomous service, managed via a dedicated application and a personalized dashboard accessible 24 hours a day, tracking information, traceability and performance reports. Find all the information you need: turnover, interventions, security tests, exchanges with the team...

Become eco-responsible

An ECOCERT® detergent

  • An Ecocert® 3-in-1 detergent:
    (cleans, perfumes and softens your laundry) automatically injected into our machines.
  • Intelligent detergent dosing:
    Our intelligent machines weigh the laundry and adjust the amount of detergent injected.  
  • A clean laundry :
    With WASHiN, no more traces of detergent and empty cans in the laundry room!

The benefits for your customers!

Ease of use


your machine / dryer


Choose your program


Proceed to payment

A intuitive and simple application d’utilisation.

A possibility of reserve its machines and dryers à l’avance.

A diversity of offers (7 washing programs, 8 drying programs). 

A laundry economy No need to supply the detergent, the right dose is automatically injected.

A serenity: a notification will alert your customers to the end of their cycle (il est même possible de visualiser l’état de la machine pendant son cycle).

A functional and interactive application that will save your customers time

  • They will follow the progress of their cycle live from the application.
  • They will receive a notification (by email and via the app) once the program is complete.
Politique-de-sécurité : 1
Sécurité WASHIN

Data protection, a priority!

At WASHiN, data is protected in France and in the Capital of the European Union (Brussels).
These are not used for commercial purposes!

Our personalized offer

Integration on your own application

  • You have an internal application to manage your residence, your camping, other ... ?
  • Nous intégrons notre application à la vôtre ! C’est simple et rapide !
  • Our references :
    – Nexudus : software for managing co-working and co-living spaces...
    – ECLA : application allowing the accounting and administrative management.
    – Witco (ex-MonBuilding) : application that allows you to access all the services in your building.
    – Yelloh Village : application dedicated to the management of campsites.

A tailor-made offer

A diversity of payment methods:

  • 100% dematerialization more cash management, payment by CB and Lydia: less vandalism and breakdowns, fluidity of the laundry and increase in turnover of +30% on average

Our different payment methods

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