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The application

It's super simple and in only 3 steps!

1 - Create your account on our free app downloadable on the stores: PlayStore, the Apple Store and the Huawei Store.

2 - Select your machine and choose your program among the 6 washing and 6 drying programs.                                                                     

3 - Proceed to the payment, it's done!

You can use WASHiN services through the app on the PlayStore, Apple Store and Huawei Store. However, you can also use our services on your computer, tablet or smartphone via the QR code on your laundry sign.

You can't go wrong! Our WASHiN application automatically locates you, so all you have to do is choose the laundromat nearest you.

Washing and drying operation

It's possible! You can use as many machines and dryers as you want at the same time. There is no limit!

An email and a notification on your phone is sent to you 10 minutes before the end of your laundry cycle.

We recommend that you sort your laundry by color and type of material and choose a program that is appropriate for your type of laundry.

Afin de bénéficier d’un lavage optimal, nous vous recommandons de toujours laisser un quart de la machine vide.

Make sure the machine drum is clean before placing your laundry in it. Remove lint from the dryer filter before starting a cycle.

Do not force machine doors/lids; wait until the machine comes to a complete stop before opening the door/lid.

Supervise children when they stand neaŕ the machines, do not let them handle the machines.

Follow the instructions on the labels of your clothes and choose a suitable wash/dry program.

WASHiN washing machines offer 6 programs, you just have to choose the right program:

ECOWASHIN (30°C): Ecological and efficient. Cycle time may vary depending on the residence.

EXPRESS (40°C) : Ecological and efficient. Cycle time may vary depending on the residence.

CLASSIC (40°C) : Cotton/mixed fabrics. Cycle time may vary depending on residence.

WHITE (80°C) : Resistant white linen. Cycle time may vary depending on residence.

COLOR (60°C) : Colorfast linen. Cycle time may vary depending on residence.

 SYNTHETIC (60°C) : Modern textiles. Cycle time may vary depending on residence.

WASHiN washing machines offer 6 drying programs:

–  WHITE AND COLORS - 50 min (70°C) : Ideal for cottons, jeans, towels and bedding.

–  DAILY - 50 min (60°C): Ideal for uniforms, other iron-on garments and synthetics.

–  DELICATE - 50 min (45°C) : Pour les articles délicats comme la lingerie et les vêtements d’entraînement.

–  WHITE AND COLORS - 30 min (70°C) : Very little laundry? Ideal for cottons, jeans, towels and bedding.

–  DAILY - 30 min (60°C): Very little laundry? Ideal for uniforms, other iron-on clothes and synthetics.

–  DELICATE - 30 min (45°C) : Très peu de linge ? Pour les articles délicats comme la lingerie et les vêtements d’entraînement.

–  EXTRA - 10 min (70°C): Not totally dry, add a little extra.

Prices and payments

Laundry rates remain the same as the prices set by the residence. Moreover, the reservation is free! And for life!

Nous utilisons le système de paiement en ligne “Clic&Pay”, solution du groupe Lyra Network, acteur incontournable du paiement de proximité́ et en ligne. Plateforme de paiement sur internet la plus fiable du marché, le système PayZen aYache une importance particulière à la sécurité des données personnelles et sensibles selon les recommandations européennes.

You can consult the data protection charter below: rgpd/

Afin d’utiliser Lydia, il convient d’avoir la même adresse mail sur l’application WASHiN ainsi que sur l’application Lydia.

Assurez-vous d’avoir saisi correctement les détails de votre carte.
Check if the secure online payment optioń is enabled on your bank account. If so, please contact your bank.

Nous vous déconseillons vivement de mettre dans nos machines CHAUSSURES, HOUSSE, VÊTEMENTS EN TERGAL, CAOUTCHOUC, DAMART, CUIR ou autres de composition similaire.


In case of non-compliance with these instructions, WASHiN will not be held responsible for the deterioration of your clothes .

At WASHiN we use 2 types of washing machines:

Machines equipped with an injected detergent system (mainly in our home laundries). In this case, for an optimal washing, do not add any product. We use Ecocert certified ecological liquid detergent (without phosphates, formulated with ingredients of vegetable origin).

Classic" machines with laundry compartment. You have the choice to use your own detergent or to buy a detergent from our distributor.

Ce n’est pas obligatoire, la machine à laver est verrouillée pendant le cycle de lavage.
However, the duration of the washing cycles is given as an indication (it can vary according to the weight of your laundry, the chosen program, ...), so we advise you to come back before the end of the cycle, and to recover your laundry as soon as the machine is unlocked.

Please note that the dryer cannot be locked and can be opened at any time. You must therefore stand next to the dryer.
WASHiN cannot be held responsible for any damage/theft that may be caused to your laundry.

The WASHiN machine park is composed of industrial equipment with washing machines whose capacitý varies from 9kg to 20kg, and dryers from 9kg to 24kg.

You are sure to find the right machine for your needs in one of our laundromats.


Make sure the machine door is closed properly, make sure it is not overloaded (remove some pieces if the drum is too full).

After these checks, if the machine still does not work, contact our assistance:
. by phone at 0800 948 006
. via mail on:

Please specify in your message:
- The day and time of your call,
- The address of the laundry,
- Your contact information (last name, first name, telephone number), - The machine number and the problem encountered.

In this case, contact our support:

by phone au 0800 948 006
. via mail on:

Please specify in your message:

- The day and time of your call,                                                                                       

- The address of the laundry,

– Vos coordonnées (nom, prénom, numéro de téléphone),                                                        

- The machine number and the problem encountered.

We will contact you, and intervene as soon as possible.
We will offer you a wash or dry cycle if your order was interrupted.

Since our application runs over the phone network, please make sure you have a good network in the laundry room. If you do, you can connect to the Wi-Fi in your residence, or to the Wi-Fi provided by WASHiN.

For your information, the time indicated on the screen of the machines and on the application is a minimum time. This does not take into account the time it takes for the water to heat up, so wait until you receive the notification 7 minutes before the end and do not force the door to open.

If you see a device displaying "close door" or "push start", you can use it, or have one of your tenants use it. If it is not started, it will remain "busy" on the app, and therefore not available to customers.

Any machine, to be available on the application, must display "APPLI" on its screen, a finished and not opened machine remains unavailable, when it displays "open door", simply open the door to make it available.


Remember to empty the lint filter of the dryer before use. It is located in front of the drum. Depending on the type of material of your clothes, the drying time can be between 30 and 45 minutes.

Before starting your machine, check that the dryer filter is clean. If lint is present in the filter, remove it to make the dryer more efficient.


Cleanliness is a priority for WASHiN, our objective is to secure the laundries for all users as well as for the technicians, for this we carry out a complete disinfection of the machines and dryers every day, in addition to a thorough cleaning of the laundromat. Masks are compulsory for all, we provide hydroalcoholic gel.